Heading block for you

When you apply for a  visitor visa or a TRV  the  officer must be convinced that the you have enough ties to the home country as well as the financial capability to afford the visit to  Canada.

Officers also carefully look at the travel history as well as previous immigration applications made to Canada and to other countries. The issuance of a TRV is highly discretionary therefore the more complete the documentation, the more chances to obtain the visa. If your visitor visa has been refused you should only reapply  if your situation has changed substantively or you have significant new information to submit.

The primary question in the visa officer’s mind when reviewing an visitor visa application is : “Will the applicant  return to his or her own country on the expiry of the  visitor visa ?” As an applicant you should submit strong evidence that proves that he/she  has  strong ties to the home country and  will return to the home country when visitor visa expires.

You can prove strong ties to your home country by including proof of property that you own and the proof of employment or business that you own in your home country.

There are other connections to your home country that are also proof you will return home.

  • Are you a leader or an active member in a community organization or church? Get evidence of your role and duties.
  • Do you care for aged family members? Get evidence of your responsibilities.