Study Permit Refusal

In some cases a study permit may be refused.There can be many reasons for the refusal.

Reasons for Refusal :-

  • Inability to show proof that you have enough money to support yourself while studying in Canada.Tuition fees and liing expenses are high in Canada. So the Canadian government wants to feel sure that the student has paid the fees and has adequate funds with him to support his stay in Canada.This is assured by getting some funds deposited in GIC account of that sudent.
  • Failure to pass your medical exam, if you needed to get one.Canada wants healthy people to come to their country. So if you have any kind of disease or medical condition, it should be treated or cured before you come to Canada.
  • Failure to convince the visa officer that your main purpose in Canada is to study. If your study plans are not detailed and logical , they will lead the visa officer to doubt your intentions.Your choice of program in Canada must make sense ,or a proper explanation must be given to how their diploma in Canada will help them when they return to their home country.  This is the most common reason for refusal.
  • Failure to convince the visa officer that you’ll leave Canada at the end of your study period.Having strong family ties in Canada also turns out to be one major cause of refusal.
  • Sometimes lack of travel outside your home country also becomes a reason for visa refusal.
  • Previous history of any kind of illegal stay, deportation or overstay in Canada or any other country.
  • Submission of any kind of fake or forged documents or providing misleading information to the immigration authorities.
  • Having been charged for any kind of crime or for Human rights violation.

What If Your Study permit has been refused?

If your study permit application has ben denied then you have the following options:.

1. Request for an Reconsideration to your rejected study permit application

You can request the officer to reevaluate your application but there is exteremly low changes that the officer will consider this request.

2. Appeal to the Federal Court of Canada

You are appeal the refusal of your study permit application to the Federal court of Canada. This is a time consuming process. In case you win the appeal even then Judge does not have authority to approve the study permit, he can order the application to be assessed by a different officer. There is no guarantee that the new officer will approve your application

3. Submit a New Application.

The new application must address the reason for which the first application was refused. If the rejection  letter does not detail the reason in detail, then you can request the information through an Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) request. This request is normally processed within 30 days, Before you reapply, you must take time to figure out what about your application could be causing red flags for an immigration officer. For example, let’s say that you wish to bring a spouse or children with you on your study permit. In this case, the immigration officer may think you’re not showing sufficient ties to your home country. In this case, when re-submitting your application you would want to show that you have extended family in your home country and sufficient reason to move back home after the end of your program.