In Canada’s Express Entry system your score is not fixed and can be improved.

Language: Did you know that language ability is worth up to 290 CRS points?  Increasing points for language to increase your total score should be top on your list if you want to increase your Score. Example for a Federal skilled worker a minimum CLB 7 in each language ability is required to enter express entry pool, however you can be awarded up to CLB 10

Work: If you have less than three years of full-time experience, then keep working! Properly documenting  your work experience can help you increase your CRS score. Sometimes you may have performed job duties that are considered skilled but your  position or job title suggests that the job is unskilled.  So when documenting your job experience select the right NOC code carefully by reading the duties carefully for the NOC occupation comparing them with the duties that you had been performing. Carefully count the duration of your job as points are awarded for full time or equivalent part time work experience.

Education: CRS points for education can be improved by completing additional education. If education is obtained outside of Canada then an ECA report is required in order to obtain CRS POINTS FOR EDUCATION
An ECA is required in order to obtain CRS points for education obtained outside of Canada. If you are applying under Federal Skilled Worker Class and have education from outside of Canada then you need ECA for only principal applicant in order to enter the pool.

No ECA is required to enter the pool if you are applying under Federal Skilled Trade or Canadian Experience class.

Spouse:If you are married then you may improve your CRS score as you can get up to 20 points for your spouse’s first language scores and additional 10 points for ECA of your spouse’s education.

Provincial Nominee Programs:Under Express entry PNP if you get nomination then it will add 600 additional points to your overall CRS and in most cases will secure you an ITA in the next draw.

Job Offer: If you obtain a qualifying job offer, it will add additional 50  or 200 CRS points to your score. If the job offer is in an occupation at the NOC 0, A or B level may earn 50 additional points towards their CRS score. If the job offer is in occupation under the Major Group 00 Senior Management Occupations classification  then additional 200 CRS points may add additional 200 CRS points towards  your total score.

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