Express Entry is that one program through which you can get Permanent Resident of Canada much sooner than under any other process.

Once an ITA is received for Permanent Residency, the applicant is required  to submit the  proof of the same as provided in the profile created under Express Entry. If the details provided in Express Entry profile does not match with that of the information given in the application, the applicant will be refused entry and thereafter, Permanent Residence in Canada.

After receiving ITA, the applicant has only 60 days in which they need to apply for Permanent Residency and also provide all the supporting proof as in the documents.

The applicant should make sure that the language test results  are  still valid and applicable as on the date on which the application for permanent residency under Canada Immigration is going to be filed. Give the test again.

 The applicant is required to provide police certificates in the name of himself and each family member who is above 18 years of age. The certificate will be required from the police officer of each and every country or territory in which applicant has stayed for more than 6 months consecutively after reaching the age bracket of 18 years.

In some countries this process takes up a lot of time to get completed. Thus if the applicant has not already started to garner police certificates, then they should now as they will be required to put in these certificates before 60 days gets over.

In a situation wherein there are some changes either to the circumstances of  applicant or his / her spouse or partner, the points should be recalculated before going to apply for Canada PR online.

In the condition, where the recalculated score is below the score of lowest scoring immigrant in the express entry round of the applicant, then he or she should decline the received ITA.

 Some scenarios which could result in lower score of CRS making applicant ineligible are:

  • The applicant loses out on the valid job offer.
  • The provincial Nomination is not valid for applicant any longer.
  • The test score for language skills have expired or the retest taken for the same has provided lower score.
  • Loses points for age