Hire A foreign Worker

Division of CVC, Canam Consulting & Placement Group (CCPG)  is one the largest Immigration and Placement companies in Canada.  CCPG is a team of highly educated professionals, consultants, translators & interpreters working under one roof.
We fully utilize Canada’s Foreign Worker Program and offer international recruitment services on a national basis to small & large companies in the manufacturing, service, construction, industrial related industries etc. We create powerful connections between organizations and the talent they need to enhance their competitiveness and unleash their workforce potential. We have international partners in different countries and make sure that our clients are able to get educated, experienced and English speaking foreign workers to cater  to their employment needs.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional recruitment and employment service to our clients. We will thoroughly evaluate your staffing and recruitment needs and then diligently work on your behalf to provide Human Resource solutions. Through our extensive process and knowledgeable, professional staff, we will recruit, interview, and assess all candidates then provide a short list of only the most qualified candidates to your organization. We highly recommend our employers use the foreign worker program to employ foreign workers who bring with them international skills and knowledge.
We search for and recruit the most qualified and experienced foreign workers from Ireland, Spain, India, the Philippines, Jamaica, China , Mexico and many more countries for your employment needs. In –house immigration consultant prepares, submits, tracks & follows Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications from beginning to end on behalf of employers as well as full work permit assistance for the foreign workers named in the LMIA according to the comp-attorneys.com.

We  will ensure all candidates presented or assigned to an employer will be prescreened including but not limited to the following:

  1. Interview Assessment/Testing
  2. Employment Reference Checking
  3. Education Verification (when required)
  4. Pre Assignment Orientation
  5. Criminal Background Check (when required)
  6. Computer Aptitude/Skills Testing
  7. Behavioral Testing (when required)

Canam Consulting and Placement Group  provides the following Recruitment and Staffing services:

  • Temporary Recruitment and Staffing
  • Temporary to Permanent Recruitment and Staffing
  • Contract Recruitment and Staffing
  • Permanent Recruitment and Staffing
  • Executive Search Recruitment and Staffing