About Us

Canam Visa Consultants Ltd. is one the largest Immigration and settlement company who has helped thousands of clients in successfully immigrating to their choice of country. Canam Visa Consultants has a team of highly educated professionals, consultants, translators & interpreters working under one roof. We provide clients with full service immigration services for different countries including Canada. Our team is working in co-operation to make an immigration process easier for our clients around the globe interested in immigrating to different countries, understanding their problems and anticipating their needs, proposing relevant solutions and delivering them, staying knowledgeable of new developments in Immigration Law and keeping clients informed. Would you like to immigrate to Canada/USA/Australia/New Zealand/UK or any European Country? Would you like to work in these countries? Would you like to study in these countries? Are you a student or temporary worker in these countries who wants to apply for permanent immigration? If your answer is YES to any of these questions then you are at the right place. Please contact us so that we can help you in fulfilling your immigration dreams.

At Canam Visa Consultants Ltd, ICCRC Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants ,will counsel you professionally on how to become successful with your application, assist you in completing your application with extra care and therefore increase your probability of acceptance. We only accept clients who we are confident will have the best chance of success. If we feel that you will not qualify to make a successful application, we will be honest with you, and you will not be left with false hopes or have spent money needlessly. You will have peace of mind knowing if you qualify now, or what you will need to do to qualify in the future. Immigration law is complex. Allow us to guide you through the process from start to finish. Contact us for a free assessment of your immigration needs, to make sure you qualify We invite you to meet with us for a free assessment of your background, circumstances, and qualifications, at no obligation to you. Assessment can also be done via email. Rest assured, all of our consultations and inquiries are in complete confidence.