USA Travel Visa

Tourist Visa
The B-2 tourist visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows foreign nationals to enter into the U.S. temporarily for activities like tourism, visiting friends and relatives, medical care, participation in conventions, conferences, or convocations of fraternal or social organizations, participation by amateurs in musical, sports and similar events. The B2 Visitor Visa is designed to allow foreigners to visit the U.S. for a limited period of time for non-business activities. Acceptable purposes include:-

1. Participation in conventions, conferences or convocations of fraternal or social organizations.

2. Visits for medical treatment.

3. Visiting friends and relatives, tourism or vacationing.

4. Participation by an amateur in sports, musical, and other events or contests, who will receive no money or other remuneration in return.

Duration of stay

The length of time granted upon entry can vary, but immigration inspectors will typically grant an authorized period of stay of six months.

The Definition of a B-2 Visa:

The visitor visa is a non-immigrant visa for individuals desiring to enter the United States on a temporary basis for pleasure or medical treatment (B2 Visa).

B-2 Visa is Suitable For:-

1. Tourists on a pleasure trip to the U.S.

2. People visiting friends and relatives in the U.S.

3. People coming to the U.S. for medical treatment.

4. Foreign nationals coming to the U.S. to marry a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder, upon establishing to the consular official and the USCIS that after the marriage, they will depart from the U.S., even though intending ultimately to immigrate.

5. Amateur athletes, musicians etc. who participate in their respective activities in the U.S. without remuneration.

6. People coming to participate in the conventions of social organizations.

7. Dependents of alien members of the U.S. armed forces temporarily assigned duty in the U.S.

8. Dependents of crewmembers (D visa holders) or

B-1 visa holders solely to accompany the principal foreign national

1. Dependents of non-immigrant for which no derivative classification is available. For example, the elderly parent of an E visa holder.

2. Persons to enter the U.S. to apply for special naturalization benefits on the basis of U.S. military service.

3. Persons seeking a change to another visa status if they so advise the U.S. Consulate, and if the consulate is fully appraised of the circumstances.

4. U.S. citizens, green card holders and non-immigrant visa holders to invite their friends and relatives to the U.S.